T. Schroeder has been an active, self-taught artist for over twenty years. He creates stark and visceral images of the human condition, utilizing a wide variety of medium.  He has used everything from pen and ink to watercolor, oil; mix media, sculpture, writing and performance.

 Starting in Lawrence, KS creating posters for local and touring acts; creating ART WHORE, a collective that focused on spoken word, two day guerilla art showings, and publishing chap books of poetry, short story, and various illustrators; all the while playing in a wide variety of bands.

 He moved to Cape Cod, MA in 2001 to focus solely on his studio practice which culminated in his 2003 solo show at NAO Gallery in South Boston.  This show featured his first focused series HUMANATUS.  The quasi-human forms of HUMANATUS have become an ever evolving and present form of visual vocabulary in Schroeder’s work.

 Relocating back to the Kansas City area in 2005 he returned to his roots of music and posters, as well as showing new works several times a year in various venues in both solo and group settings. In 2007 he was invited to contribute posters to the Museum of Design, Atlanta (subsidiary of The Smithsonian) for their first annual “Art of Noise: Rock Posters”.  Other shows quickly followed in 2008 for a poster show in Seattle, OR and in 2009 at the Kentucky Museum of Modern Art for their Poster Art show.  It was during this time that his editorial work began to be published in The Boston Globe.

 In 2010 Schroeder attempted a new way of presenting his particular vision: theatre.  He created, co-produced, and acted in The Oil Boiler, which was a surreal existential visual performance that included a live jazz band and…puppets.   This began a continuing relationship with The Living Room Theatre, in which for a short time he maintained his studio.

 He continues to create new works and collaborate with area artists in animation and installation; live art, performance, and music. Currently Tyson is working on developing a new series based off the sculpture and photographic work of Renée Cinderhouse, refining his new play BASTARD, and working on a new recording with his long time music collaborator Jeff Irvine with the project (the) Medicine Theory.